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Leo Simons is a Dutch software developer. He’s an ASF member and in general an open source fanatic. He works for The BBC.

He loves performing (like Theatresports) and also loves sailing, skiing and similar activities. He lives in London.

He has a weblog (RSS feed), which deals mostly but not exclusively with programming topics.

See the jicarilla site for Contact details for Leo Simons, including email, MSN, skype and mailing addresses and phone number.

You can find pictures of him on flickr (Leo Simons’ flickr page).

Open source software stuff

I’m not going to bother describing the exact relationship between me and these projects. Sometimes I’m the only author, sometimes a co-author, sometimes I’m a mentor, sometimes I sent one patch a gazillion years ago.

  • Apache TripleSoup, the simplest thing that you can do to turn your apache web server into a SPARQL endpoint.
  • Apache Excalibur, stable and mature open source java framework for “component-oriented programming” using inversion of control
  • Apache Gump, python-based continuous integration server on steroids
  • Apache Incubator, IP clearing house and community education center for new projects entering the ASF
  • Apache Harmony, J2SE implementation in development at Apache
  • Picocontainer, powerful little “dependency injection” java framework
  • Jicarilla Software Development open source packages, a bunch of software I’ve either written or patches or repackaged while working for clients, and open sourced afterwards. Of particular note is my devenv package which is a cross-platform java/python source tree which is nice to use as the basis for Really Big Projects That Need To Just Build.
  • Jicarilla Wiki, interesting tidbits, articles and papers from a period where I thought a lot about java and java frameworks and the like
  • Jicarilla Project, large amounts of clean, documented, tested but totally unused java code, like another “inversion of control” “lightweight” “dependency injection” “container”, a pure java HTTP 1.1 parser and webserver using asynchronous IO, and a variety of utilities
  • MoinMoin source @ the ASF, customized version of MoinMoin which powers the Apache Wiki
  • APWorkflow, unused and abandoned beginnings of a python-based CGI application for managing a variety of infrastructural tasks at the ASF

Non-open source software stuff

Just a small selection. You don’t care about this anyway. Most of the stuff I do these days seems to be completely covered by a very fat NDA.

  • Joost is a peer-to-peer-based video platform. I used to work there, doing a 101 different things (for example, I try to help maintain the opensource @ joost page).
  • WADI, one of the “commercial” projects I worked on (its for the Dutch government) where I’m actually allowed to say so
  • @Semantics, my main client when I was freelancing, is where I helped with WADI

Old website stuff

Just a small selection. You don’t care about this anyway. If you do, An archived version of also has an archive with yet more stuff in it.

Other stuff

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